We love Ireland all year round! The sunrises and sunsets are magical and different in every season. Irish people are obsessed with the weather. It is all we talk about! The best time to visit Ireland depends on your own preferences and what you want from your Irish getaway. Irish people are in general good fun and you’ll have good craic with them all year round. In winter you are more likely to find the real locals in the pubs as they tend to shy away from tourists during the high season.

Here at Johnsfort, Ireland At Your Leisure we welcome guests all year round. Our stone cottage and loft with their thick walls, are so cosy and warm in the cold seasons. While the days are very short, the long evenings are something our guests look forward to especially with the log stove in Marianne Cottage. A perfect setting for a good book or some creative inspiration.  Here are some considerations for different seasons when coming to Ireland:

  1. Spring (March to May):
    • Feed the baby lambs at Johnsfort. Watch them bound around in the fields – nothing like it! New highland calf due this spring…we can’t wait for the cuteness!
    • Spring is a lovely time to visit as the landscapes come to life with blossoming daffodils and tulips and vibrant greenery.
    • The temperatures are moderate, ranging from 7°C to 15°C (45°F to 59°F).
    • It’s a good time for outdoor activities and exploring without the peak tourist crowds.
  2. Summer (June to August):
    • Beautiful farm walks and forest trails at Johnsfort. All the animals are out and enjoying the summer sun. It is sheep shearing season – maybe you could give that a go here at Johnsfort??
    • Summer is the peak tourist season, and it offers the warmest temperatures, ranging from 12°C to 20°C (54°F to 68°F).
    • See with your own eyes, Ireland’s famous ‘40 shades of green’ as the countryside is lush and vibrant.
    • Longer daylight hours provide more time for exploration.
    • Festivals, events and sporting fixtures are abundant during this season such as: The All – Ireland Football and Hurling Championship, The Galway International Arts Festival, Forbidden Fruit, Sea Sessions, International Literature Festival Dublin, Kilkenny Arts Festival. 
  3. Autumn (September to November):
    • From the comfort of your accommodation at Johnsfort or out and about on tour with Richard, watch the forty shades of green turn to stunning golds, oranges, yellows and reds as the countryside embraces itself for autumn. Our 200 year old beech tree is a sight to behold in autumn and all year round. We have a handmade oak bench under it for our guests to sit and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature all around. 
    • Autumn is a quieter time with still mild temperatures, ranging from 9°C to 15°C (48°F to 59°F).
    • It is a good time for hiking and outdoor activities. These are some walks within an hour of Johnsfort House: Girley Bog, Hill of Tara, Trim Porchfield Walk, Mullaghmeen Forest Loof, The Cuilcagh Way, The Royal Canal Greenway, The Boyne Greenway. We have a list of walks for all abilities and Richard is a keen walker and can bring you to more challenging hikes if you wish. 
  4. Winter (December to February):
    • All our rarebreed cattle including our Highland Cattle, Dexters and Shorthorns spend the winter outside in the fields so you can visit them all year round. Our four-horned Jacob Sheep have beautiful wool coats that help them survive any temperatures.
    • Winter is the low season, and you’ll find fewer tourists so definitely a quieter holiday and way more relaxing.
    • The temperatures are cooler, ranging from 3°C to 8°C (37°F to 46°F). We rarely get snowfall here but we do get lots of frost and icy roads.
    • Some attractions and accommodations may have reduced hours or be closed during this period. If a winter holiday in Ireland is what you are looking for talk to us and we can plan your days with lots of activities that are conducive to the winter months.

No matter what the weather or your preferences Johnsfort, Ireland At Your Leisure Tours can design a bespoke holiday to suit your group. Get in touch with us today at: richard@irelandatyourleisure.ie or WhatsApp call us on +353 86 3733644. We are looking forward to having you stay at Johnsfort whatever the season!


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