We are a family of 3 young children – 11, 8 and 6 (at time of writing!). We have made lots of mistakes choosing where to bring our three children on holidays. We don’t want you to make the same mistakes. That is why Richard and I sit down together and plan your family itinerary with Ireland – At Your Leisure, based on all your family’s individual needs. We keep in mind all the time what age group we are trying to please and how to get the balance right so that the adults get as much out of a tour, as the kids do!

Touring Ireland with Young Children

As we all know young kids will be happy once they are not hungry, not tired and have lots to entertain them and keep them focused. We always have a backup supply of snacks and drinks in the boot! We also have lots of cool books to look through. We carry an emergency supply of bubbles for when those legs need to be stretched but they don’t want to stretch them! And best of all we have designed our very own scavenger hunts, to keep them looking out the windows and make the journey go faster. We even have a lucky dip bag for the winners. We try to think of everything…and that’s just the journey!

All the destinations that Richard picks are well thought out and will work with all age groups. He knows all the good spots to stop for a picnic. He knows the gorgeous viewpoints. He knows all the playgrounds and safe areas to let kids out. He almost knows everyone!! So, trust him and let him guide you on your Irish adventure.

Touring Ireland with Teenagers

If your kids are teenagers that’s cool too! Richard has been known to make even the grumpiest of teenagers laugh out loud! He has seen the look of shock on parents faces when their ‘just leave me alone’ moody teen starts to suddenly come out of themselves and ask to sit up front where they have the prime view! The craic can be ninety! Richard has a super sense of humour and a great gift of making everyone feel comfortable and welcome.

Touring Ireland with a Small Baby

Have you a very small baby? Need to stop every half hour or ‘Richard, DON’T you dare stop driving, keep going!’ because ‘SHE’S FINALLY ASLEEP!!!’…we get it! And no, we haven’t forgotten what it was like (like most people do!). You guide Richard to you and your baby’s needs. He will do as he is told!!

Touring Ireland with Younger and Older Children

Have a mix of age groups?? Say a toddler and a young teenager? Toddler wants nothing but the playground or the beach. Teenager wants away from the toddler! No problem. Why don’t you divide and conquer? We can drop one pair at one destination and the other pair wherever they want to go. We’ll come back whenever you say! Again, Richard will do as he is told. However, do listen to his suggestions. He has experience of the different dynamics that different ages can bring. He will get it right. Let him be your guide.

Intergenerational groups

These are the best fun! For example, Nana and Grandad, mum and dad, son and daughter. Nana and Grandad are thrilled to be on holidays with their children and grandchildren. Mum and Dad are delighted to have the extra help. Son and daughter know they can get away with a bit more than usual as nana and grandad are there! All this means great fun! Don’t worry if nana or grandad have sore knees or hips. We can park up right when it is easy for them to get out. They don’t need to do the long walks you want to do. We can find an alternative for them. Dividing up can sometimes be the best option here too but don’t worry you will all be together for the fun of the journey and for all the important places that you want to be together. Those photos will be cherished by everyone forever!

Accommodation for All

We have TWO self-catering cottages, Marianne Cottage and Bartholomew’s Loft. So even if you are all driving each other mad (and probably poor Richard too!) you can come home to your own space in the evening and close the front door. Everyone needs a holiday to suit them so having your own living space can make it just that..a proper holiday! Or better still you’re not driving each other mad but you still have lots of space to chill out and get a great night’s sleep!

Family Holidays in Ireland. How to get it right?

Answer: Let Johnsfort, Ireland – At your Leisure be your guides. We will look after each and every one of you no matter what age you are and no matter how grumpy you are!

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